Integrating Juce & also instrument sounds into our Android & iOS app

Hi Juce community.

Please excuse a few noob questions.

Our pre-launch startup is developing an Android & iOS app.

The apps will allow users see notation on screen and interact with an instrument vial the touch screen.

Right now our Android app beta uses synthesised instrument sounds that are not very good.

We’d like to get licence for Juce and also instruments to integrate into our app.

Ideally we would like a library that we can package in our app that we can use to play the notes that the user wishes. Something that either responds to MIDI codes or something analogous to that

we would also like to package a base set of instruments with the app
Does anyone know if that’s supported?

I’m aware that Juce is a platform and we would need to also have instrument sounds. We want about fifteen of the usual; Piano, violin, guitar, flute etc.

Could anyone give some thoughts about what is needed to integrate this into our app so we don’t need to rely on the poor synthesised sounds?
We are happy to pay the Pro licence fee listed on the Juce page and I assume there is a different fee for instrument sound packs.
Our question is more about the method of integrating the system into our app for sound generation.