Intel IPP (read DSP) library

I just discovered the Intel IPP (Intel Performance Primitives) library, which contains loads of cool stuff like highly optimised FIR/IIR filters, FFT, vector maths, etc. I’m sure lots of people are already using this for their DSP routines, but I had never heard of it until I accidentally came accross it. Fortunately I hadn’t quite got around to reinventing this stuff.

IPP is not really expensive, but it’s not free.
FWIW AMD has developed a free alternative, ACML :

since the amd stuff supports linux too there might be something cross platform to be done here (e.g., Accelerate/vDSP on Mac, AMD math on Win/Linux)…?

You got my interest !


Looks great, but AMD stuff is optimized for AMD processors, and written in fortran so isn’t it better to use intel’s stuff, even though you’ve to pay ?