Inter-app MIDI on Android?

Hi guys,

What’s the status of inter-app midi on android? Doesn’t look like it’s been discussed on the forum since 2014…

Now that we have an official MIDI API, would this be a simpler task? It seems like it’s already possible to see and connect to other midi apps on Android (Although i’ve had crashes when my app is open at the same time as other MIDI enabled apps), it would be really handy if we could use MidiInput::createNewDevice() to create a virtual port, especially as more MIDI enabled apps start to find their way onto the app store.

Is this something other people want/something that’s on the roadmap?


We don’t support MidiInput:: createNewDevice() just yet (it’s on our backlog). But you should be able to connect to other apps virtual midi inputs (and of course real hardware devices).

Note that the midi subsystem on Android is still a bit buggy when connecting to devices with multiple midi ports. Google have confirmed that there are a few bugs wich they will hopefully fix soon.

Thanks for the update, I tracked down a few bugs in my code and connecting to other virtual midi ports seems to work well!

Good to know it’s still somewhere in the backlog, i’ll be happy to help test whenever you get around to it.