Interprocess Communications


Is it possible to just use the Interprocess Communications class without using anything else from Juce (at the moment anyway :slight_smile: ).


I doubt it! Why do you ask?


Because we’ve already got an established app in which we want to replace the IPC mechanism, without changing the source too much. There are other things in Juce I want to use eventually, but I was trying to work out the safest way of doing it.

I’ve got it kind of working, the apps now use JuceApplicatio, and they open a pipe named “APP” + PID (e.g. APP4540). The one designated as the sending app also opens a pipe of the other process, sends a message; the receive app gets it, and then the sending app closes the pipe, and does the whole thing again. Second time around, it doesn’t open successfully. Haven’t worked out why yet though.

Thanks for the quick reply though.