InterProcessConnection Pipe


Hi everyone,

i experienced a strange change in the behaviour of InterProcessConnection when trying to establish a pipe connection. After updating to Juce V5.3.2 from 5.2.1 pipe connections break down by themselves. The change which did this is in InterProcessConnection.h and …cpp.

I used to create the pipe with a timeout of 500 ms for reading and writing and i always had a standing connection. Now it breaks down by itself, except i put -1 in it. But i doubt that this value should represent the life time of the pipe connection, right?

Anyone else having noticed this? The update of these files occured on 1st of May…

Help would be really appreciated.




Well, that commit was a bugfix - it previously was failing to time-out when it should have done. And 500ms is pretty short when you’re dealing with processes that may be busy, you should probably increase it to a few seconds, or maybe make it infinite, since that’s effectively what was happening before the fix.


Hi Jules,

yeah, now i have it at -1 (infinite). So that value can be understood as a life time value after which the connection is severed in case there are no more messages?