I found a bug on InterprocessConnection::readNextMessageInt.

When we have a long message (more than 65536 bytes), we read pieces of size:

But, there are a trouble with the last piece of the message because bytesInMessage is constant and doesn’t take into account the number of read bytes. So, I propose to correct this line by:

I hope you will understand my post … I’m not a native english speaker.


Hi there

No, I don’t think you’re right… bytesInMessage certainly isn’t constant, and it gets decremented as the data is read in (line 294)

(Or maybe you’re using a really old version of the library and this is something that was fixed long ago?)

Ok, it’s my fault.

I re-check (more conscientiously) the current version and it was already fixed.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience :?

(Yes, I use a really old version 8) )