Introjucer dylib build?

Is there a way to build a dylib like it is possible to build a dll on windows?
I am missing the field “library type” for XCode. I know this is not even possible for iOS but on MacOSX it makes sense to build dylibs.

Maybe I can just put “-dynamiclib” in the project settings? This is what I tried first, but that gives linking errors since static linking seems to be enabled by default.

Not something I’ve thought about… If you want to suggest some minor changes to the introjucer that could let it do that, I’d be happy to look at it.

Just pushed my changes to the git repository. Would be great if you could merge them back into the main branch.

kind regards

Eh? Pushed them to which repository?

Just sending me a diff, or the files involved, would be my preferred method so I can check and edit the changes manually.

Ok, sent via mail.