Introjucer modules dependency ambiguity



I made a very simple Introjucer project relying only on juce_audio_processors modules and the dependencies necessary to make it work and the AudioUnit support ON, but the generated project does not compile as is.
It seems that AudioUnit format classes require juce_NSViewComponent which is in juce_gui_extra, not listed as a dependency.

Maybe you should add a check/warning when the user selects the JUCE_PLUGINHOST_AU option?



Ok, thanks - I think that module should just have juce_gui_extra as one of its dependencies - I’ll update that.


Hi Jules!

Is it possible to use to the juce_audio_processors module, without using the juce_gui_basics and juce_gui_extra modules? For example, if I wanted to create a simple command line application to play audio (with VST effects), it seems to require the 2 GUI modules (even though they are not being used).

Thanks and have a great day!


Well plugins can have a UI, so it needs the UI classes.

But just because you use a UI module, it doesn’t mean you have to actually put anything on the screen, you can still write a command line app.