Introjucer plugins

Hey Jules, what are your thoughts on the idea of being able to create plugins for the Introjucer, something like how Sublime Text or various other editors have plugins.  I don't know much about what would be involved other than assuming it'd be a fair bit of work to implement the architecture for it.  What I do know is that I'd love to be able to extend the Introjucer to provide custom document handling and various other things.  I'd guess that other community members might like to do the same (the Lua and Xml tokenizers come to mind).  It would make it easy for people to share their contributions and maintain their own licenses and so forth.  I'd imagine you've considered all these things so I'm just wondering if it's something you could see happening, sooner or later or ever?


Certainly a nice idea, but like you say, a lot of work to design + implement something like that. And would these things be source-code or binary plugins? Doing it as source would be the simplest, but would mean modifying the introjucer build to add things. Or maybe using javascript would be a good way to do it.

Yes Javascript could be a nice fit and it would be a good way to help push the Javascript engine and supported features forward while also encouraging the usage of Javascript in Juce projects.  The idea of being able to use javascript to build certain aspects of a juce application and then being able to apply that knowledge to crafting your own tools would be pretty nice indeed.