Introjucer truncated one of my cpp file because of accents



I updated a graphic component with introjucer then I did a Saveall.

So he saved my whole files, but inside a cpp file I usually never open with introjucer,

there was a comment with a "à" because the comment was in French,

so the file was truncated from the position of the 'à'.  (90% of code has been lost).


In another file I had a 'ê' inside a comment, it was replaced by a end of line.

Here of course it wasted nothing, I only needed to put back the line and avoid to write a 'ê'.


So, I think French users need to be aware.


The code editor expects everything to be UTF-8.

If you feed it a file that was saved in some other local encoding, then since it has no way of knowing htat, it'll stop parsing when it hits some bytes that aren't valid UTF8.

I guess I could add some fallback checks that would force it to carry on parsing after it hits UTF8 errors, but even if it did that, it'd screw up the extended characters.

OK, Thanks.

So my files I open them only with Juce and Visual Studio.

So are there any way to tell Visual Studio to use only UTF8?

If it could help someone here is my method, to avoid messing source files because of encoding:


1) I installed "fix file encoding" plugin inside visual studio and I asked he protects every file.

2) inside Introjucer, each time a new .h or .cpp is created, I put a comment with a special character as 'à' for example, at the beginning of the file, and I save it with introjucer.

3) Then, when the file is opened inside visual studio, the file is by default considered as 

    being encoded in UTF8, and I could resave it normally without I need to specify the UTF8 encoding mode each time I save it.