'Invalid Argument' when selecting ALSA audio device

I am using a new sound card in a linux machine running ubuntu 20.04. I’m pretty sure this card is working with ALSA since I can send/receive audio through Reaper.

When running the audioSettings demo in the demo runner I am presented with 11 different audio devices which are all from ALSA, these include devices such as “PulseAudio Sound Server”, “Open Sound System” and 3 devices that have the name of my sound card: “RME MADI_ae811b, RME MADI; Direct sample snooping device”, “RME MADI_ae811b, RME MADI; Direct hardware device without any conversions” and “RME MADI_ae811b; USB Stream Output.” I understand these are software devices.

In the demo runner whenever I try to select one of these I get either ‘Invalid Argument’ or ‘No Channels.’

I believed this was a problem with PulseAudio interfering with ALSA however disabling PulseAudio seemingly has no effect.

Does anyone know where the problem might lie for this?

Looks like device is still busy. Can you run jackd over it?

I’m not too familiar with jack. But starting it up it can detect my soundcard in setup. When I start jack it prints a message telling me it’s acquired the card. Reaper seems to be picking up audio through jack absolutely fine. The audioSettings demo is picking up audio through jack however its only giving me the option to select 2 channels? Is there a way to do it without jack?

So, any of JUCE app (Tracktion Waveform free for example) doesn’t work on your setup?
The worse case is the something wrong in JUCE-ALSA-RME_MADI_card" chain.

I haven’t tried Tracktion Waveform. I will try that today, so far I have tried using the audio settings demo and my own juce app which both use the basic AudioDeviceManager and do not work. Running through Jack does work but only allows me to use 2 channels. Perhaps this suggests something is blocking it? Maybe I am not stopping this blocking from happening right?