Invert control orientation for RTAS

Attached is a quite non-intrusive patch for inverting control orientation for a parameter for RTAS (useful for panning controls, for instance, in Pro Tools).

Maybe Jules is working on a more global parameter properties structure refactoring? (in which case another patch could be even less intrusive…)

PS: could also be implement in the AAX wrapper, I’ll do it if I have time for it – if nobody had done it before.

This throws up one of the tricky dilemmas when designing library APIs…

You need this feature, and want my users to be happy, and your change is very simple to apply. BUT ideally, it’d be done completely differently. However, I’ve no time to spend to do it “properly” any time soon.

So do I keep you happy by adding this simple patch, knowing that in future anyone who uses it will have their code broken when parameters finally gets overhauled? Or do I just try to avoid that complication by telling you to wait?

Don’t feel urged to apply the patch on the main trunk; personally I keep my patched-branch up-to-date, and as soon as Juce has all I need I will trash my changes. I just wanted to share it, in case it can ease your dev work, or if someone has comments/completion on it (here, for AAX for instance).