iOS: AUv3 not receive SysEx messages

We are experiencing that our standalone Apps are receiving SysEx messages sent from another App through a Virtual MIDI Port, but the same instrument as AUv3 plugin is not receiving any SysEx message.

Are MIDI SysEx messages forwarded to AUv3 plugins on iOS?

We have built a very simple dedicated AUv3 debug plugin to exclude any other implementation error in our code, and the result is identical.

Regular MIDI messages generated by the Standalone App reach the AUv3 plugin. SysEx MIDI messages don’t.

We made several tests, and we cannot get any SysEx message reach our test plugin, when it is loaded as AUv3 in any host, also with regular (non-virtual) MIDI Ports.

Camelot Pro has an embedded MIDI Monitor that logs the description of any MIDI message received. MIDI messages are then forwarded to any AUv3 plugin loaded on the Layer the MIDI Port is connected to.

Test with Camelot because it has an embedded MIDI Monitor, but the result is identical with any AUv3 host (e.g. GarageBand, AUM).

So, I see only two possibilities:

Plugins made with JUCE are not able to get SysEx messages (anyway, I had a look at the code, and JUCE APIs just deal with plain bytes, so it seems weird to me that they discard SysEx messages)
SysEx messages are somehow discarded or lost in the communication between an AUv3 host and an AUv3 plugin

Any idea on this is appreciated.