Ios keyboard disappearing when editing label

Hi everyone

I’m new here and to Juce in general. I recently started messing about with Juce and honestly I didn’t know c++ could be so (relatively) painless so first off cheers for that!

Anyway, I’m developing my first app which is a simple osc mixer for iOS and everything is jolly and good but I’d like for the user to be able to put in an ip address and a port number in some labels. But when I set up a label and make it editable, sure enough I can touch on my iPhone and the keyboard puts up but only for like 1/10 of a second before disappearing again without having touched or done anything at all.

I feel like a dunce because I’m probably missing something obvious here.

Here’s the code for the label in my paint function:

oscLabel1.setBounds (area.removeFromTop (headerHeight));
oscLabel1.setText("/Address1", dontSendNotification);
oscLabel1.attachToComponent(&oscSlider1, false);
oscLabel1.setEditable(true, true, true);

Nevermind I decided to use a texteditor field instead, much better for my purposes :slight_smile: