iOS orientation setting disappear after opening Projucer on Windows

I’m now making cross platform app, Windows and iOS.
After I open Projucer and edit on VS2019, orientation setting disappear and I have to re-set it on Mac’s Projucer.
Could anyone check if it’s reprodusible on your environment?
I’m using JUCE6.0.0 both on Windows and Mac from GitHub repository.
Windows7, VisualStudio2019,
Mojave 10.14.6, XCode11.3

It seems that the “Screen Orientation” settings are quite broken indeed.

I opened examples/DemoRunner/DemoRunner.jucer in Projucer 6.0.0 (built from commit 133dc99b5), all good:

I changed both “iPhone Screen Orientation” and “iPad Screen Orientation” to “Portrait” only and saved, still fine:

I closed the project, then reopened it and now the settings are not set, not good:

@ed95 FYI, since you authored

Also, the fourth value has a typo in it: Landsscape Right should be Landscape Right.

Yes, I have the same issue.

Thanks for reporting, this has been fixed on the juce6 branch now.

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I’ve updated and checked.
Worked perfectly!

Thanks for fixing the bug!

Could you also fix the typo in “Landsscape Right”? Thanks!

Yep, this is fixed on the juce6 branch now too. Thanks!