iOS reliably checking for camera permission status. Have things changed?

Hey there

I’m finding that checking for camera permissions is problematic lately.

juce::RuntimePermissions::request(juce::RuntimePermissions::camera, [this] (bool wasGranted)
            if (wasGranted)
                DBG("not granted");

…always returns true, whether or not camera permissions are actually allowed. So I can’t halt the proceedings with this check.

*EDIT: looking at the docs it says “some platforms”, but perhaps this is specifically for use with Android, not iOS as well.

Further, per the CameraDemo example project, using openCameraAsync with a callback function such as:

    void cameraDeviceOpenResult (CameraDevice* device, const String& error)
        // If camera opening worked, create a preview component for it..
        cameraDevice.reset (device);

        if (cameraDevice.get() != nullptr)

… also doesn’t help as even if the permissions were not granted, CameraDevice won’t necessarily be a nullptr as is (I believe) implied by the demo code. So again I can’t detect this problem via these means either. In fact, the demo code crashes for me if I say “no” to permissions and continue with the app.

So what are you cool cats doing when you handle this, that I’m clearly not comprehending yet?

Many thanks, Jeff

I should add that:
…returns “true”, regardless of whether the app has been given camera permissions via the iOS app settings.

This is on iOS 14.0.1 and JUCE 6.0.7 Master Branch.