iOS Simulator not producing audio

I'm building the Juce Demo and running it on the iOS simulator.  Everything seems to work fine except I get no audio output.  Audio input seems to be working fine (i.e. I can use the demo Audio Recording feature and see that audio data is coming in), but no luck with output.  On the Audio Settings tab pressing the Test button produces no sound.  Similarly, the Synthesizer page produces no sound when pressing the keys.


Building and running natively for OSX works fine, and all the varous sounds are audible.


I'm using the Juce source from Master as of today.  Xcode is 5.1.1.  iOS simulator is 7.1.


Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.



I didn't realize the simultor was using the OSX input device as both input and output when in the simulator.  Hooked up some speakers to that device and now everything is working fine.