iOS Standalone Build Woes

Okay, Dev Branch (as of yesterday) + Xcode 10 + Mojave, building for an iOS 12 device, deployment target is 9.3.

The AUv3 is fine; Archive works, yay. But the standalone doesn’t show the input mute button (it shows the yellow bar and the warning text, but not the button), and throws about 20 of these:

**2018-10-12 10:12:12.012897-0700 RatshackReverb3[6821:336662] [avas] Unknown selected 
data source for Port Speaker (type: Speaker)**
**JUCE Assertion failure in juce_AudioProcessor.cpp:352**

Is this just something simple I’m missing?

Derp. I don’t have a mono->stereo context. My mistake.