iOS Startup and orientation


I’m sure you mentioned some way to determine device orientation and decide what layout to use, but in the shorter term, is there an easy fix for this:

Currently, every juce iOS app seems to start as portrait (regardless of the actual orientation). Within a second or so, it detects the actual orientation, then:

you see the screen spin around, leaving a ‘squished’ component,

then the component/window redraws correctly.

As a number one, could the app detect actual orientation before drawing anything?

Possible frills:

Animate components to new orientation,
detect new orientation and allow different layouts i.e. different sets of visible components. I would even be happy with two components - one landscape and one portrait, and fade between them as the device rotates.


Can’t remember how it all works, TBH… I’d need to take a look at this next time I’m working in that area of the code.