Iron Man is nothing without Pepper Potts. I need a Pepper

I am a TV and Film music editor and I currently run a pretty busy music editing company. Over the years I have developed a few software packages for our internal use and, during the pandemic, I began writing some demos for some novel audio/midi plugins and have a few proof of concept prototypes (written in python).
I have been trying to launch a software side of my business for about a year now using freelance developers, which may be a model that works for others, but it isn’t working for me.
I have built a pretty successful business by finding and grooming young talent, and that is a model I understand.
In my imagination, there exists a person, fluent in the JUCE framework, who is looking for a job creating music related software that would love to come work for my company and help me launch the software side of my business. If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out

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