Is beginChangeGesture sill needed (JUCE V5.3.x)?

Hey guys & gals,

I’m currently updating the JUCE version of our Plugin from V5.2.1 to the current V5.3.2.

I postponed it for several months since we were in the middle of a stressful release period and I didn’t want to deal with the changes to the automation parameter mechanisms then.

I noticed that both AudioProcessorParameter::beginChangeGesture() and endChangeGesture() have some code labelled as “shortly to become deprecated and then removed”. The only significant code remaining in these functions would be a call to ParameterListener::parameterGestureChanged(…), which turns out to be just an empty stub.

Do I still need to bother with these?

Thank you in advance for the help!

I believe they only mean this section of that function:


if (processor != nullptr && parameterIndex >= 0)
    // audioProcessorParameterChangeGestureBegin callbacks will shortly be deprecated and
    // this code will be removed.
    for (int i = processor->listeners.size(); --i >= 0;)
        if (auto* l = processor->listeners[i])
            l->audioProcessorParameterChangeGestureBegin (processor, getParameterIndex());

…Effectivly switching to using AudioProcessorParameter::beginChangeGesture() only, which is related to:

Yes, that bit of the code will be removed, but we’ll simultaneously switch over all the plug-in backends to listen for parameterGestureChanged callbacks instead. At the moment there will still be people relying on the old callbacks.