Is renderAndSwapBuffers() a valid method in Juce?

I came across renderAndSwapBuffers() in a code am trying to run which is using Juce for rendering and display. After including all necessary libraries and linkers, the method is unrecognized. 

Please let me know if this method is a valid method in Juce and if not what is the appropriate method to use when rendering or displaying on a Juce component.




That must be from some old code - there's no need to use it any more. Have a look at the GL page in the current demo app for an example of how to render GL nowadays.

Thanks Jules! But I still couldn't get a hand on it. I would appreciate it if you could just show me. I Just want my tracer->render( renderMode) to be painted on my component. I used DemoOpenGLCanvas::renderOpenGL() but it did not work. 

Please help me out.

Hi Jules, Am still waiting for your assistance on the code attached. I don't seem to know the right method to use so that the result of my rendering can be crawn on my Jucer environment.

Help me please!

I wish I had time to help all the beginners who post code and ask for help, but I'm really just too busy, sorry!