Is there a method that tells me I chose the already selected item in combobox?

As I mentioned in the title, Is there a method that tells me I chose the already selected item in combobox ?
I have some presets that are being displayed in combobox and when I change the current preset then go to combobox and choose the item that i already chose, it does not trigger the comboboxchanged method. Is there a method is being triggered when an already selected item has been selected by the user again?

From a UX perspective, would it be an option to set the selected Id to 0 (nothing selected) if the values are changed from the preset values?
Otherwise, if a user opened the drop down and decides not to change the selection, what would he/she do?
If you still want that behaviour, maybe overriding hidePopup() would be a solution, or listen directly to the PopupMenu using getRootMenu()

Hi, thank you for your answer, I tried this one and when i set the selectedıd to 0, it immediately loads the default text to combobox. The problem is comboboxchanged method is not being called when the same item is selected again. Nothing else can help me about this issue.

if selecting the same item called the comboboxchanged method, nothing would happen

i will check the getRootMenu(), thank you :pray:

That was actually my idea. If the user selects a preset, he/she sees the preset name in the comboBox. As soon as the user changes a setting, it jumps to the empty string or default text, because technically no preset is loaded any longer.

You just need a flag while you are restoring the preset, and whenever a value changes (and the flag is not set), it removes the preset name.

But there are always different views on UX