Is there a Tutorial that shows MIDI *Output*?

I have gone through several tutorials that show MIDI input, such as:
Create MIDI Data
Handling MIDI Events

…but I have not so far come across one that seems to show any sort of MIDI output. Are there any? Thanks.

Maybe the arpeggiator could be what you’re looking for?

I think the poster is asking how to output to MIDI hardware from a stand alone application. MidiOutput would be the class to use for that. I don’t think there are tutorials or examples of how to use that.

Another possibility could be to do a plugin project with the stand alone application build enabled.

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Yes, that is what I was asking.

I am interested in creating a standalone app, and a plug-in, that do nothing but process MIDI. Take MIDI in, transform it, generate new MIDI coming out.

In terms of a standalone, yes MidiOutput would be the class, but I was hoping to find some examples showing it in use… I’m new to JUCE, working my way through some tutorials, but I guess that if I do a plugin project with the standalone app build enabled, it may add the modules necessary but it isn’t going to insert any code into it to help me get there. :wink: Thanks.

No, the Projucer is not going to add any code for doing MIDI output for the plugin projects, but there are examples and tutorials for plugins that take in, transform and output MIDI. The code will be the same for the standalone application builds of the plugin. (Using MidiOutput explicitly is not needed for the plugins, you can read and manipulate the MidiBuffer that is passed into the plugin’s processBlock method.)

All this said, it might be possible no-one has ever tried and tested a standalone Juce plugin build that is just a MIDI transformer. So there is no 100% guarantee it’s going to work.

I wanted to provide an update to this question. The answer is here:

/JUCE/examples/DemoRunner > Audio > MidiDemo.h