Is there a way to change the number of samples per Buffer in AudioProcessor?


I could not find a way to change the numsamples field of the AudioSampleBuffer. It always seems to have a 1/100th of the samplerate, i.e. in my case 441 samples long. Is there a way to change it ? Thanks a lot.



The requested buffer length comes from the audio system and you must do whatever is necessary to calculate that exact amount of samples...What is the problem with the buffer length you are currently getting?

No there isn't! It's all explained in the comments for that method:

Thanks for your answers. So if I'm in need of a larger buffer, I have basically to implement it as a class member mandatorily instead of using the buffer, that is passed to the processBlock-method. The smaller the processBlock-buffer is (provided by the hardware), the more calls it will need to fill my effect-buffer.

Yep, you've just invented the FIFO!