Is there any method in plugin processor which is called when host is launching?

I wonder is there any method in plugin processor that is called each time host is launching?
Or/And some method which is called when host is validating plugin (I mean adding new plugin to its manager).

Of course it would be great if I could override such method.

I have some algorithms that are called for each instance of my plugin, but I suppose it could be called only one time during host session.

I mean things like checking presets folder (and building one if it doesn’t exist), or authorisation checking.

Now for each instance of my plugin I need to get special folders localisation, open files to check preferences etc. I don’t like to make all of it each time I insert plugin in the slot.

Your plug-in processor doesn’t exist yet when the host is launched, so… no.

Checking presets folder and doing other setup stuff can be done in the processor’s constructor. Those types of tasks shouldn’t present a large CPU burden, so I wouldn’t worry about it for that reason.

It’s possible to use JUCE’s SharedResourcePointer to share a data object between plug-in instances. But that benefit is host-dependent – if a host runs different plug-in instances in different processes, then you don’t get to share the SharedResourcePointer between instances.

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