Is there any way to encode a component to Video

I would like to record the contents of say a component. I know I can just grab the raw bitmap data and use 3rd party lib but was wondering if there was an easier way.

@daniel was working on something to get FFMPEG talking to JUCE. FFMPEG is the worst piece of code you’ll ever look at, but it’s what everyone uses to encode their video files. I would say use a timer, createComponentSnapshot(), write them to disk as a sequence of images, and use some other app to stitch them together. maybe something on the command-line?

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Yes, it is here:

I am planning to get back to that and make it a more complete approach. Last status was, that the created videos played fine in VLC, but not in OSX Preview.

But I have 3 competing projects in the pipeline, I haven’t decided the priorities yet, so I can’t promise any timelines…

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Sweet I’ll check it out.
Yes my first plan was to png out component as an image sequence but this is an idea is for end users creating dynamic training video so would be cool if they could just hit record.

Sorry for cross-posting, but I am evaluating, if it is worthwhile expanding the project to a more comprehensive image/video processing engine.
If you are interested, I would love to hear feedback and suggestions in this thread: Poll: video engine for JUCE?