Is verticalZoomFactor > 1.0f verboten for AudioThumbnail::drawChannel(s)?

With certain audio files if I set the verticalZoomFactor to a value around 1.95 I start triggering a lot of asserts from the call to g.fillRect(x, top, 1.0f, bottom - top); in drawChannel, as bottom is going less than top.

The docs don’t state anything about permissible values for the zoom factor, and in the most part it works without issue.

I also noticed the same issue as this thread with very short sounds being displayed in our AudioThumbnail, has any consideration been given to implementing something like it?

edit: sorry I’ve just realised that the original code for AudioThumbnail is using waveform.addWithoutMerging (Rectangle<float> (x, top, 1.0f, bottom - top)); which doesn’t suffer the same issue. This whole post is moot now :wink: