isPerformingGesture as real feature

Can we please have isPerformingGesture as actual feature, not just as debbuging help?

In my GUI engine PluginGuiMagic I implement a RadioButtonManager, that acts parallel to a ParameterAttachment.

The ParameterAttachment will update the button, which will react with setToggleState. This triggers a sendClickedMessage (maybe here is the actual mistake), which will propagate into my RadioGroupManager. But now there is already a gesture happening.

I would be able to simply ignore button clicks when a gesture is in progress. I think it is a common scenario that you don’t want to send parameter changes, if a control is currently performing a gesture.

can we please get a method exposing that flag:

bool AudioProcessorParameter::isPerformingGesture() const;

Thanks for your consideration


that’s one of these moments that shows why i made my own parameter subclass, cause then you can just put such a flag into setValue. i needed this flag for midi learn, cause otherwise the gui could attempt to drag a knob while a midi cc event also tries to modulate its parameter

There is a sweet spot of rolling your own and using the features of the framework.

Also the GUI engine will hook onto arbitrary juce projects. Your approach would mean I have to force my users to use my bespoke parameters.

At that point I might as well start my own audio framework, which is rather pointless. I wouldn’t be able to do anything else and it is not said I would get anywhere near JUCEs feature set.

But thanks for your post, it shows I am not the only one who needs that flag.

true. i only dropped my comment to show the team that you’re not the only one struggling with a missing flag in there

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Any official feedback? Just met another user on discord with the same problem.

I definitely want that feature and had to create all kinds of workaround to be able to store and access that state.

while we’re here, I think it would be great if begin/end change gesture would have the option to just internally save their state and not call the host, say if it’s a private parameter the host doesn’t know about. ATM it asserts if you do that.


Just moved this to Feature Requests, please cast your votes!

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thanks for connecting this!
Merging sources of gesture are kind of a pita till now, and this solution is simple and clean.