Issue with implement push notification with firebase, and import JUCE static library to iOS project

Dear Everyone!
I have tried to implement push notification with firebase in a juce iOS app, but after I have included the proper firebase frameworks (after included firebasemessaging.framework), I have got black screen when I ran the app. (the program flow haven’t reached the main.cpp initialize function).
So I have started to make it work in other way, like I want to build a JUCE static library from my actual project, and I want to use it native in an iOS project, where I will make the push notification with firebase.
I have followed the following article, to make and implement the JUCE static lib (I have used blank JUCE gui application’s MainComponent.h/.cpp, not the audio player which in the article):

I have set up everything which have said in the linked article, but when I want to include my MainComponent.h, to make the native application, I get the following error:
uce_TargetPlatform.h:56:3 “No global header file was included!”

I have found that in JUCE forum I just have to use

This have solved the “No global header file” issue, but I got the following errors:
Undefined symbol: MainComponent::MainComponent()
Undefined symbol: juce::Colour::Colour(unsigned int)
Undefined symbol: juce::this_will_fail_to_link_if_some_of_your_compile_units_are_built_in_debug_mode::this_will_fail_to_link_if_some_of_your_compile_units_are_built_in_debug_mode()
Linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

And things I have found in JUCE forums about these link errors, I have done before as the linked article have said.

If someone had the similar issues, or could help me how could I make the JUCE static lib to work in my iOS project, or may you know a better way to implement push notification with firebase, Im looking forward to your answer!