Issue with VST3 MIDI CC emulation and pluginValVst3 tests

Hi everyone,
I have an issue with my plugin when executing the pluginValVst3 tests.
The “Plugin state restoration” test fails:
!!! Test 1 failed: Parameters not restored on setStateInformation -- Expected value within 0.1 of: 1035.16, Actual value: 1043.75
The parameter values of my plugin were correct but the MIDI CC parameters’ values were different.
Is this issue related to a bad behaviour of my plugin?

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see this…

if you don’t use midi just set the macro to be off explicility…

@dave96 - though I guess the test should ignore a parameter that has no kCanAutomate flag. this will fail for JUCE plug-ins prior to

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Thank you ! :smiley:

I think it does that already? It only changes non-automatable, non-bypass parameters precisely for this reason:

If there was a JUCE bug that wasn’t setting the correct flag so AudioProcessorParameter::isAutomatable() wasn’t returning the correct value, I think the plugin needs to be updated. There’s not really any way around this on the host/pluginval side?

@Elkono are by any chance tested a plug-in made with JUCE 4.x or an earlier pluginval? (It seems it was added here).

@dave96 my sincere apologies. I should’ve looked at the code prior to mentioning you.

I was using JUCE 5.2.0.
Upgrading to JUCE 5.2.1 should solve the problem for me as the commit you mentionned was integrated on this version.
I’m testing my plugin using pluginVal v0.2.3.

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