Issues with typeface and Look And Feel


I’m designing a personal Look And Feel for the GUI of my plugin and I’m having some troubles by managing the Typeface of the Look And Feel. More specifically, I declared and object of type Typeface::Ptr in my LookAndFeel class and I instantiated it by using the createSystemTypefaceFor() method in the default constructor of the LookAndFeel. Then I set my font as the default font of my LookAndFeel by calling setDefaultSansSerifTypeface().
The problem is that when I add my LookAndFeel to a label, the text of the label is printed with the default Typeface.
Does someone know why this happens?

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I’m making some tests and it works only if i set my look and feel as the default look and feel. Only in this case the typeface changes and follows the one which I’ve uploaded with the .ttf file.

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