Italic and serialized font


Hi Jules,

After moving to juce git trunk, the serialized font I was using no more work as Italic on OSX while it still works fine on Windows.
The typeface is created using CustomTypeface
I supposed that on Windows if the italic version of the font do not exists, it modify the available one while this is not the case any more on OSX.(it used to in 1.46)

Bug ?
Or other solution to make it work as recreating the serialized font using juce 1.52 ?



I don’t understand how that could ever have worked on either platform… None of the software-rendering contains any code to generate a false italic face… Are you sure it’s not just because Windows is finding a real font that matches what you’re asking for?


Maybe on Windows it use a fallback font in that case and fallback fonts use to work on OSX while it doesn’t anymore ?


ah yes, that could be it…