Javascript Tokeniser


I’m looking for a Javascript Tokeniser, it seems to be missing in JUCE. We have a JavascriptEngine but no tokeniser for it. Oddly enough i found a LUA tokeniser in the JUCE repository but LUA isn’t actually supported as scripting language right?

I could use the CPlusPlusCodeTokeniser of course as a starting point but i actually expected to be part of the CodeBase. A
Anyone made a Javascript tokeniser i could use?


Funnily enough I was looking for the same thing recently! Would be cool to have a JSON tokeniser as well. Both would be really fitting with what JUCE offers.


I’ve tweaked the Lua and C++ tokenizers and I’ve came to this. Please let me know if you’d change anything.


@pckerneis, i also took the C++ tokeniser as base and came up with more or less the same as you did. I did add the root methods of the JavaScriptEngine as well, so methods like. exec, eval, trace, charToInt, parseInt, typeof and parsefloat.