Juce 1.36

Ok, got a new one for y’all… The main new thing in here are table components, and a tidy-up of listboxes. Changes are:

* Windows: ActiveXComponents (and QuickTime components) now get told about any mouse events that happen inside the control
* Graphics::saveState() now saves the colour and brush as well as the clip region and origin
* ListBox now prevents mouse clicks from getting sent to the list if the component is disabled
* new classes: TableListBox, TableHeaderComponent - these are for creating table components with column headings that can be re-ordered, resized, etc. I've added a table demo to the juce demo to show how to use it, and the Jucer's resources panel also now uses a stretch-to-fit table.
* removed class SimpleListBox: I've got rid of the separate SimpleListBox class, and merged its functionality with ListBox. If you're currently using a SimpleListBox, the only change you should need to make is to replace "SimpleListBox" in your code with "ListBox".
* Changes to ListBox: if you're using a ListBox with custom row components, you'll need to change your class to also derive from ListBoxModel, and make sure you call ListBox::setModel() to make it use your model class. Then you'll need to replace the old createRowComponent() and updateRowComponent() methods with the new refreshComponentForRow() method.
* new handy macro: forEachXmlChildElement, which is a neat way of iterating the child elements of an XmlElement
* new class: StretchableObjectResizer, which is for calculating how to fit a set of resizable items into a given space
* new class: TaskbarIconComponent, on Windows only, this lets you show an icon in the system tray.
* fixes for using a DLL build on Windows - I've moved all the allocators into the juce DLL, so this should now work ok
* added a bit of SSE optimisation in the graphics rendering code (just for blending large blocks of solid colour)

ooooh! That’s a cracker. 8)

Haven’t done an app for a while now. Looking forward to using like about 10 versions of ace new stuff!

Nifty. I was just about to add a tray icon to my app.

Not having the mouse X & Y position in the mouseUp handler threw me for a minute, but Desktop::getMousePosition did the trick.


The release output rate just exploded my pace maker.

Bigger, better… Thanks.