JUCE 5.4.1 Plugin Window broken for AudioUnit plugins in AudioPluginHost

Upgraded to the latest 5.4.1 and discovered that there is something wrong in the way AudioPluginWindow is handled for AudioUnit plugins now.

Many plugins work as expected, but for example FM8 from Native Instruments displays the following:

Looks like it’s 50% larger on each side.5.2 version of JUCE worked fine. This is only happening with AU versions of some plugins.

Tried to trace the issue, but no luck… The creation starts fine, with the correct size, but then when the plugin editor gets added as content the size changes.

Is this just happening with NI plug-ins or are others affected? Do they open correctly in other hosts?

I confirm, there is the issue at least with some Native Instruments AU, like Massive, Absynth, FM8

This commit should fix the problem.


It does - THANK YOU!