JUCE 6.1.5 MPEKeyboardComponent

So I was looking at the MPE Demo in JUCE 6.1.5, which has the new MPEKeyboardComponent.

Is it really supposed to look like this with no dividing lines between the keys? Just seems odd…

I notice that LookAndFeel_V4::InitializeColours() now has:

        0x1005000, /*MidiKeyboardComponent::whiteNoteColourId*/               0xffffffff,
        0x1005001, /*MidiKeyboardComponent::blackNoteColourId*/               0xff000000,
        0x1005002, /*MidiKeyboardComponent::keySeparatorLineColourId*/        0x66000000,
        0x1005003, /*MidiKeyboardComponent::mouseOverKeyOverlayColourId*/     0x80ffff00,
        0x1005004, /*MidiKeyboardComponent::keyDownOverlayColourId*/          0xffb6b600,
        0x1005005, /*MidiKeyboardComponent::textLabelColourId*/               0xff000000,
        0x1005006, /*MidiKeyboardComponent::shadowColourId*/                  0x4c000000,

        0x1006000, /*MPEKeyboardComponent::whiteNoteColourId*/                0xff1a1c27,
        0x1006001, /*MPEKeyboardComponent::blackNoteColourId*/                0x99f1f1f1,
        0x1006002, /*MPEKeyboardComponent::textLabelColourId*/                0xfff1f1f1,
        0x1006003, /*MPEKeyboardComponent::noteCircleFillColourId*/           0x99ba00ff,
        0x1006004, /*MPEKeyboardComponent::noteCircleOutlineColourId*/        0xfff1f1f1,

Why isn’t there a keySeparatorLineColourId for the MPEKeyboardComponent? Of course you could set it to be the same as the key colour if you actually want to achieve this look, but what if you want lines between the keys?

Seems it was designed with the seaboard in mind.
I agree a bit more generic options would be nice.


I see. OK, I wasn’t really aware of that product. But lines between the keys might be useful for other applications.