JUCE_64_BIT flag



This is strange - I just noticed that when building my app as 32 bit, the JUCE_64_BIT flag is still being defined to 1.

To be sure ... _WIN64 is also set to 1 (and not by me, of course ... the configs all state the architecture as Win32).

Unbelievably, the program is definetely running in 32 bit mode as well.  On the task manager, I get the (32 bit) note next to the application.


How is this possible???  It's a 32 bit application, compiled with 32 bit libs, and running as 32 bit.  And yet, _WIN64 is set to 1 ???

No idea - according to the MS docs it's not defined in a 32 bit app. Maybe you've accidentally defined it somewhere?


That was my thought too .... but I certainly haven't found it anywhere.  Maybe some 3rd party lib, or other dependecy or setting .... god I hate windows.

The real mystery is that despite 64 bit being defined ... it is definitely compiled and running in 32 bit mode.  No idea how that is possible.


Anyway, I'll post here when I figure out more.




wow - and today it's fixed.  A quick clean and rebuild, and now it's all bueno.  gah.