JUCE 7 OpenGL renderer fails on older MacOS

Two weeks ago I migrated a project from JUCE 6.1.6 to JUCE 7.0.1. Now on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 with a GeForceGTX 675 Mx, 1024MB a tester recognized that the OpenGL support fails. In Ableton Live 10.1 one instance of our plugin works. When opening a second instance while having both visible, both UIs are no longer being painted but still react to mouse events. When trying to close one of the UIs the host will become unresponsive and must be shut down by “Force Quit”. After disabling OpenGL in our plugin everything works fine again. Switching back to JUCE 6.1.6 works, too.

Now I added an OpenGLContext to the NoiseGateTutorial-Example build with JUCE 7.0.1. The tester added several instances of this modified NoiseGateTutorial-Plugin and the UIs freezes again.
The instance needed to be added by selecting all and duplicating all several times.

JUCE team, is this something you will address very soon? Or will we have to roll back to JUCE 6?