JUCE 7 | Problem with metal rendering (CoreGraphicsMetalLayerRenderer)

Hey there,

just tried JUCE 7 with an existing project for the first time and ran into an assertion when a standalone plugin or audio unit (at least in logic) goes to background.

// juce_mac_CGMetalLayerRenderer.h

auto gpuTexture = resources->getGpuTexture();

if (gpuTexture == nullptr)
    jassertfalse; // line 93
    return false;

This results in the UI not beeing rendered anymore. Has anyone experienced the same issue? Important note: I can’t reproduce it with a fresh plugin.

Mac M1 Pro
Standalone Build and AU in Logic

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, turns out I only had to pull the latest changes from the juce7 branch to solve that :smiley:


Interesting. I reported this the other day (where I was also hitting the same assert):

… but I don’t see anything in the list of commits that directly addresses it yet.

This is the commit that should fix the assertion.