Juce_add_bundle_resources_directory iOS

Does juce_add_bundle_resources_directory() work for iOS? I can’t seem to get any of my assets to copy over to the iOS .app FWIW, the ‘app’ in this context is a standalone plugin.

The .app bundle doesn’t have any Resources folder, but according to the CMake guide, the files should be copied over to the top level directory. Is there something else I need to enable to make this happen?

[edit] It looks like the assets folder is being copied, but not to the .app bundle. It’s the highlighted folder here, but it should be in the TestPlugin app folder :thinking:


Yes it works. If i remember right i first failed to do it because i only specified the PROJECT_NAME but it needs PROJECT_NAME_TARGET So it is:

set(formats "Standalone" "AU" "VST")
foreach(format ${formats})
  juce_add_bundle_resources_directory("${PROJECT_NAME}_${format}" "ResourcesToAdd/")
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Thanks @luzifer, that did the trick :slight_smile: