juce_amalgamated.cpp out of date

Two issues:

  1. I think juce_amalgamated.cpp in the tip is out of date with respect to the sources. I did a fresh checkout, rebuilt the amalgamator and installed it to /usr/bin, then ran the amalgamator on the fresh checkout and got this:

Building: /Volumes/Code/Dev/repos/juce/juce_amalgamated.h... -- No need to write - new file is identical Building: /Volumes/Code/Dev/repos/juce/juce_amalgamated.cpp...

So it looks like juce_amalgamated.cpp doesn’t match the sources.

  1. The changes I made to the amalgamator have one extra line that slipped in for debugging purposes, which shouldn’t be there:

Yeah, I probably forgot to run my script on it. Will double-check…

Take the line out and rebuild the amalgamator first unless you want your terminal output to be overwhelmed with the list of included files lol