Juce Android : how to start?

Hi all !

I’ve been through the post about porting juce to Android (http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3637) and I’d be very interested in trying it myself… but i’m a bit confused about where to start.

Could somebody please post a short summary of the things to do to create a very basic Juce android app… (download Android SDK, NDK ? some java stuff too ?)

Thanks in advance…


I need to write out a document about this - will be doing so very soon, probably this week…

I’m really looking forward to this: For the past few days I’ve been updating CygWin, dowloading the NDK and Android SDK - and trying to get anything to build (and to think I was told it was so easy).
One of the first things I bumped into was the lack of spaces in directory names

the spaces are the pain
and the file name/path length limit is the pain too

you have to replace “…/…/…/…/…/”-style paths with corresponding LOCAL_C_INCLUDES entry in your Android.mk

I didn’t have to do that… Can you be more specific about which paths you’re talking about?


it was a problem with building jucedmo application that uses amalgamated library on Cygwin.
Due to numerous “…/…/” the path became more than 260 symbols long and ndk-build script (providied by ndk) failed with error “file not found” because Windows XP itself can not resolve the name

Do you need the build log, Jules ?

oh, cygwin. That explains it. I’m not getting involved with the horrors of building under cygwin yet.