JUCE app always on top of all windows


Is there a simply way to have my JUCE app always be on top of all other windows (even when it is not focused)?

I am working on a plugin and I am also compiling a standalone version which I would like to be able to set to always stay on top of other windows. That way, when I have my DAW open, I can use the DAW while still seeing/using the standalone plugin on top.

I understand that this is not possible for plugins but was wondering if it would work only for the standalone plugin which is a DocumentWindow component.

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried the setAlwaysOnTop method on your DocumentWindow?

AFAIK it is supposed to do that.

Thanks for the reply nicolasdanet! The DocumentWindow was not exposed for me to access because it is the StandaloneFilterWindow for the StandalonePluginHolder. Luckily I am rolling out my own version of the these classes so I was able to add a static function in the StandaloneFilterWindow class to get the instance (similar to the StandalonePluginHolder). Now I’m able to call StandaloneFilterWindow::getInstance()->setAlwaysOnTop(true) which works!