JUCE as a nested GIT


My project is also using GIT, and sometimes I need to checkout earlier revisions (usually to track the creation point of nasty bugs)
The thing is that sometimes it gets broken because it turns out I upgraded my Juce version between revisions.

Is there a way to automatically checkout both revisions (mine and Juce) with the GIT when checking out earlier revisions?

The only way I know about for handling this is to put empty marker commits like

git commit -am "God of Juce has been merciful, upgrading to version 1.54.27!"

But I don’t want to manually scan all commits in between.


Why not just add the juce tree to your own repo?

In my new module-based structure, that’s the kind of approach I’m going to be encouraging. More on that soon…

I thought about it back then, I’m not a GIT guru, so I was worried about stuff like problems due to maybe different GIT versions, and other stuff
that may arise due to the closely coupled approach.

so I took the “divide and conquer” approach…