JUCE Assertion failure in juce_AudioProcessor.cpp:442

Hello, I have a problem with launching my equalizer plug-in. I have a “build succeed” and my plug-in launches… Then the console prevents me from launching the program by putting an error message on the console.

If you look above that line, there is a block of text that explains it:

If you’re building this plugin as an AudioUnit, and you intend to use the plugin in
Logic Pro or GarageBand, it’s a good idea to set version hints on all of your parameters
so that you can add parameters safely in future versions of the plugin.
See the documentation for AudioProcessorParameter(int) for more information.

Documentation for AudioProcessorParameter(int) as link

As a newbie myself, I found the solution here:

I had that error once, and it was because I used a string as a function argument for an AudioParameter instead of juce::ParameterID. Ergo, the fix was to use said juce::ParameterID, as in:

layout.add(std::make_unique<juce::AudioParameterFloat>(juce::ParameterID("LowCut Freq", 1), "LowCut Freq", <other arguments...>)

and not

layout.add(std::make_unique<juce::AudioParameterFloat>("LowCut Freq", "LowCut Freq", <other arguments...>)

Thank you, I did with parameterID but I think I didn’t write it the right way since it shows me an error?

My modified code :

Error after “my modified code” :
Capture d’écran 2024-02-06 à 09.55.30

I have remake my code like you are say ? But my error is always present…

I am having the same issue after trying what the majority of the posts online seem to have as the solution. I should note I have also tried the following with () for ParamterID and have the same errors.

        layout.add(std::make_unique<juce::AudioParameterChoice>(juce::ParameterID("HighCutSlope", 1), "HighCutSlope", stringArray, 0));

Console errors:

JUCE v7.0.10

JUCE Assertion failure in juce_AudioProcessor.cpp:442