JUCE audio recording demo displays a waveform but doesn't record


I am trying to get the JUCE audio recording demo to work, it shows the monitoring waveform but when I hit record it’s just a flat line. it does write the file to disk but when they are played there is only silence in them:

I was trying different settings different “Audio device type” and different sample rates and audio buffer size.

My device is a Roland quad-capture and uses an ASIO driver.

In audacity for example it records and plays audio in all settings: MME, Windows Direct Sound, Windows WASAPI.

In which direction should I start to dig? :slight_smile:

Is it something in the code of the demo? or settings?

Thank you!


On the settings page do you see levels and can you hear the test tone when you select the correct driver?

Have you compiled JUCE Demo with ASIO support? It’s an option in the juce_audio_devices modules and you’ll need the Steinberg ASIO SDK too.

I’m sorry I’m late to thank you, my windows just refused to load and I had to reinstall everything all over again… Windows, Visual Studio (with so many issues) and JUCE

So I got it sorted out now and it works, Thank you :slight_smile:

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