Juce AudioPluginHost tempo change


I working on mini plugin host based on Juce AudioPluginHost example.
I want to change host Tempo and pass it to the plugin,
but I couldn’t find way to do it using Juce example.
Can it be done with Juce AudioPluginHost ? if not how can I implement this ?


The AudioPluginHost doesn’t support this, but it should be reasonably easy to implement in your host. You would need to create a custom type deriving from juce::AudioPlayHead, and keep an instance of this playhead type in your host. Then, call AudioProcessor::setPlayHead on any hosted plugin instances, passing in a pointer to your playhead object.

Thanks for the quick response, I made some tests and it works.
I want to change the tempo from the Audio Setting window, can I add field to the existing window (Juce::AudioDeviceSelectorComponent)?
Or I must to create my own setting window (overwrite Juce::AudioDeviceSelectorComponent)?

I’d recommend creating a new component which holds an instance of AudioDeviceSelectorComponent alongside whatever extra controls you require.