juce_AUv3_Wrapper.mm - auvaltool failure and work-around

Hi folks,

I’ve found a weird one, where auvaltool was failing on macOS for my MIDI-generating plug-in.

My solution was to edit this file:


Modify the loop:

if (auto midiOut = midiOutputEventBlock) {
                  for (const auto metadata : midiMessages) {

To protect it with:

              signal_try(label) {
                    // Put the above code in here
              } signal_catch(label) {

See: https://github.com/dhatbj/SignalRecovery

Not very handsome, but it does get me out of my immediate problem.


This sounds like a previously-discussed bug in auval on monterey:

I’ve let Apple know about the issue, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

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Many thanks @reuk!

Just to note - my workaround definitely works, and I’d suggest you think about patching JUCE with it even if only for a while to provide a work-around for others.


I’m glad that it works for you, but I’m not sure whether this should go into the main JUCE distribution. If the program accesses out-of-bounds memory and segfaults in this way, then the behaviour of the program is undefined. It’s probably better to terminate the program immediately in this case.