JUCE based VST hosting within JUCE based Unity plugin - freelance developer required

Looking for freelance developer that can take on short contract (several weeks) to implement VST hosting (potentially based on the JUCE VST host example) as part of an already implemented modular Unity audio plugin synth based on JUCE API and Unity C++ plugin SDK (for both Mac and Windows).
JUCE GUI skills for the standalone/VST version of the plugin to improve existing VST/Standalone GUI will be useful.
The contract is for work within a small team - negotiable number of days per week - for a large California bay area semiconductor company (ideally you are CA based and we can meet on occasion) - contract has potential for extension.
Demonstrable relevant prior experience required.
Email wavesequencer@gmail.com for more detail.


Sounds interesting and something that I could help you out on…
I sent you an email…

Best Wishes,

I had a few responses - rest assured I am following up on these.
Thanks in advance.